How do we choose a country
to invest in real estate?

1 We look at the political situation in the country.

2 We look at the country`s economy: what does the country do, what produces, what exports, what kind of % on inflation.

3 We study the growth rate of the local currency against the rates of international currencies over a period for to 5 years.

4 We estimate the country`s attendance rating for the year.

flag Thailand
flag Vietnam
flag Indonesia
flag Philippines
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Why is it profitable?

1 In Thailand, a large stream of development. At any time of the year it is profitable to buy, sell or lease real estate.

2 The developer provides an installment plan, which is used including for resale at the end of construction phase

3 We work only with agencies that have a low cost of buying an apartment from the developer, due to the high volume of sales.

4 Bangkok is in the top 3 most visited cities in the world.

How safe is it?

1 Experience in investing and selling real estate for more than 10 years.

2The choice of only trusted developers.

3 Resale and rental as extra. option.

4 Positive recommendations of large investors are provided upon personal request.

How much will I make and why do I need it?

1 Money protection, an alternative to another bank account.

2 Additional way

3 Profitability calculation

Example calculations

100% = 100 000euro - cost of real estate

Payment system:

20% = 20 000euro - Sign of a contract

60% = 60 000euro - installments for 30 months (and no more than 3 years)

20% = 20 000euro - on a key from flat, after time the end of construction

When selling, after 2 years, the client pays only 80 000euro of the cost.

For 2 years, the value of investment property rises by 20% (due to location)

20% growth = 100 000euro - the value of real estate after construction, 25% return on investment for 2 years = 20 000euro

Income of 20,000 euro at the end of the 2nd year.

The amount of income calculated when investing 80,000 euro.

Return of 100% of the amount of the initial investment + 25% of the growth of the amount of the initial investment.

The client earns 20,000euro net at the end of 2 years.

Net profit for the year from the investment 25% = 20 000 euro

profitability calculation

Payment instantly upon conclusion of the contract 20% of the total cost